A Guide for Attorneys

The Private Trust Company works with attorneys drafting client trust documents. We are available to consult with a client’s attorney about provisions necessary to manage the client’s trust and can begin managing the trust once documents are completed. Often, we refer business to the attorneys we work with who join our Trust Attorney Database.

We offer template trust documents for a variety of trusts and estate planning situations, trust provisions, and drafting memos. PTC does not engage in the practice of law and is not providing legal advice. Consult with an attorney before using these documents. Your attorney should draft a personalized document to conform to the then current laws of the appropriate jurisdiction. Contact us to receive a copy of our trust provisions.

The purpose of our Trust Attorney Database is to provide the name and contact information of qualified estate planning attorneys to financial advisors in their geographic areas. There is no charge to be admitted into the database. Contact us if you are interested in being listed in our database.