Family & Individuals


Partnering with PTC

The Private Trust Company partners with you and the professional advisors you rely upon to assist you in carrying out your wealth management and legacy planning goals at every stage of your life. While your financial advisor generally cannot serve as your trustee, with our unique model, your financial advisor can continue to provide advice and manage trust assets, allowing you to benefit from checks and balances and a consistent approach across your wealth management and investment strategies.  


How The Private Trust Company Model Benefits You

  • PTC provides you with continuity in working with the trusted advisors you rely upon to place your interests first
  • Offers consistency across your wealth management and investment strategies, both within and outside of a trust
  • As a corporate trustee, we carry out our fiduciary responsibilities in an impartial manner with a focus on accomplishing the objectives of your trust as stated in your trust agreement
  • We seek to provide unparalleled service to you and your professional advisors, providing you and your advisors with access to our broad resources and experienced Trust Officers adept in all aspects of trust administration services


What We Stand For

At The Private Trust Company, our focus is on building relationships. We know that serving clients and their advisors requires far more than deep knowledge, experience, talent and education. It requires dedication to providing consistently high quality service at every level of our operations and administration, and a steadfast commitment to excellence and the principles that govern our actions every day: honesty, integrity, objectivity, transparency, and personal responsibility.

Unlike many companies offering trust services, trusts aren’t simply one aspect of our business. The administration of personal and charitable trusts is our sole offering. This allows us to provide the highest level of focused service and dedication to our clients.