Providing for children without dis-incenting them

Scenario: Alan and Mary had raised three children.  While all three were good kids and they were proud of all of them, they worried most about their youngest son Robert.  Their eldest two had steady jobs, families and relatively conservative lifestyles.  Robert, though, had a passion for fun, rarely held a job for more than 18 months, often lived above his means, and felt the grass was always greener somewhere else.  Alan and Mary had concerns that if they left any sizeable money to Robert outright, he would be dis-incented to settle down and would certainly not preserve it for a rainy day. 

Solution: Alan and Mary met with their estate planning attorney who worked with PTC to serve as trustee of a trust that provided funds for Robert but was highly aligned with their financial values.  The document was drafted such that a steady stream of income could be paid to him for general living expenses, but curtailed any additional invasion of principal except for certain circumstances.  Additionally the document provided that Robert would receive smaller lump sums at the various ages of 40, 45, 50 and 55.