Maintaining consistency and continuity with your advisors

Scenario: Retirees Ben and Sarah had accumulated a generous retirement nest egg which they attributed in part to the advice and guidance they had received from Sam, their trusted financial advisor of more than twenty years. Ben and Sarah wanted to make sure that when they both died, Sam would be able to continue to manage the substantial legacy they would leave to their two grown children.

Solution: Sam explained to Ben and Sarah that The Private Trust Company’s unique model enables families to continue to partner with their preferred advisors while pursuing their investment and estate planning goals. By appointing The Private Trust Company as trustee to administer their trusts, Sam would continue to manage their assets, and Ben and Sarah would receive the same level of wealth management advice and guidance, and a consistent investment strategy across their trust and non-trust assets. Best of all, this would allow Sam to honor their wishes, continuing to manage the assets left to their heirs, with the added benefit of capable and experienced trust officers to support him in ensuring that Ben and Sarah’s legacy was carried out in the manner they intended.