Finding a flexible trustee

Scenario: Dave, an owner of a mid-sized family business, took great pride in the team he had assisting him his business, tax, financial and estate planning needs. He frequently relied on his CPA, attorney, and insurance agent to provide him sound advice as his life status and goals had changed. Over the years, these individuals had grown to be close, personal friends. When the topic of creating a trust for his grandchildren’s educational expenses arose, Dave was excited by the prospect of putting funds aside to ensure all of his grandchildren would have a college education.  He knew it was critical that he chose a trustee that not only offered the broad resources his family required to resolve even their most complex and sophisticated challenges, but would provide him with the same high quality, personalized service they were accustomed to receiving from the rest of the team. Dave met with representatives from various trust departments. While some of these organizations offered adequate resources, others lacked the flexibility, personalized service, and coordination with other advisors that Dave sought. Dave was somewhat discouraged until a colleague suggested he speak with The Private Trust Company.

Solution: We met with Dave and his advisors to discuss his needs and how we work collaboratively with accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors to provide comprehensive trust administration and wealth advisory services in the best interest of our mutual clients. We talked about the importance of working with professional trust officers who are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but relationship-focused, discreet, and sensitive to family dynamics which change over time. We shared examples of how PTC is able to provide the broad resources and flexibility he was seeking through a service model emphasizing integrity, transparency, and an organizational commitment to excellence. That was 12 years ago. Today, we continue to serve Dave and his family as a valued client developing customized solutions to address his changing family and complex needs.